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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What payment methods are available?
PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check) and money order. When you start the checkout process, you will be directed to the PayPal shopping cart for secure online payment. To pay by mail, print a copy of your shopping cart (with the total and Checkout button), and mail it with your payment to: Fast Food Anime, PO Box 114, Yorkville, IL 60560. Orders paid by check are held until the funds clear our bank or PayPal.

Do I need a PayPal account to order online?
Nope! You can use the PayPal server as a one-time payment. You can also print a copy of your shopping cart with the total, and mail that to us with your payment (money order / check).

How do I use my gift certificate?
Enter the code(s) on the Shopping Cart page. Your certificate(s) will be processed when we receive your payment. (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

What shipping methods are available?
USPS Media Mail (Economy), First Class Mail (Economy Special), Priority Mail (Standard), International, and Convention Pickup. Please see the details on shipping.

Why can't I use Economy (Media Mail) or Economy Special (First Class Mail) shipping for snacks?
Due to the physical nature of snacks, they are unsuitable as digital media. When you place a stick, packet, or whole package inside of a CD or DVD player, you get a gooey mess. And while it is fascinating to read the ingredients list, that hardly qualifies as a book... All of this adds up to the fact that these snacks are candy, not media as defined by the United States Postal Service, and cannot be eligible for the Media Mail shipping service. And the Economy Special shipping is reserved for small, flat items (like AniCoz issues or a single DVD or CD).

Is your stuff real, and not bootlegged?
YES! Every DVD we carry is coded Region 1 (North America) from publishers like Geneon, ADV Films, Central Park Media, Viz, AnimEigo, and others. A few discs are Region ALL, but they're still officially-licensed. Every CD is also officially licensed and released by reputable publishers like Geneon and Tofu Records. And unlike many places, we can prove it.

What's your return policy?
unopened DVD / CD = refund or exchange
defective = exchange
Manga / Snacks / Clearance / Novelties = not returnable
Returns must be requested within 30 days of delivery. Refunds are issued through PayPal or check, depending on original payment method. More details are on the Returns page.

Do you do wholesale distribution?
We sure do! Whether you currently own a store, or are planning to start one, Fast Food Anime will do as much as possible to help you out. You can complete the wholesale application, mail it in, and you will be able to access the wholesale pricing of our web site.

Can my young adult librarian order anime and manga at a discounted rate?
Yep! Fill out the library discount application, mail it in, and we will set you up with our special online library pricing.

What if my Pocky melts or breaks during shipping?
We store all of our snacks in a climate-controlled facility and pack them as securely as we can to protect the tasty goodness. There is the possibility that snacks may melt in warmer climates or fracture during shipping. Fast Food Anime cannot control those circumstances and is not responsible for them. Fortunately, the snacks should still be edible, even in a unique shape. XD

How can I contact you?
The ways you can contact us are listed on our Contact Us page.

What is the deal with your mascot?
That's Becky, from Otaku Antics! She was designed specifically for us by the wonderfully talented and awesome Shannon "Roku" Townsend, artist of the webcomic Otaku-no-Yen. The chibi versions were designed for us by the super-cool Kim "Maqqy96" Samson, and colored by Shannon.

Who are those people I see at the Fast Food Anime convention booth?
John, the owner, is at every Fast Food Anime convention appearance... There is Cinci Steve, our resident yuri fanatic when we're by (or in) Ohio... and then there is D-Rek, the new guy that pimps the hardcore otakudom. There are also other volunteers that sign up to help.

What's your favorite Pocky flavor?
Pinder says, "Mousse Mango, Caramel, and Melon were all awesome! I seem to like the sweeter, non-chocolate flavors better. Fine, I'm weird - I like Pretz a lot, too. What I really want to try someday... is Mint Chocolate. C'mon Glico, you know you want to make one!"


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