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Trade In Anime & Manga

How much shelf space would you like to clear up?

Bring your old anime DVDs, CDs and manga to the Fast Food Anime booth at any of our convention appearances, and we'll set you up with new stuff from our wide selection! We will find your orphaned anime and manga a good home. ^_^

Please do NOT mail in any trades. Bring them to one of our 20+ convention appearances every year across the Midwest.   :)

Trade In Guidelines

  • DVDs and CDs must be in fully-playable condition. If it doesn't play like new, we will not count it in the total.
  • Manga must be fully intact. Pages may not be falling out or defaced. (Your name on the inside of the cover is OK, but scribbling curly-ended moustaches on all the bad guys is NOT.)
  • Bootleg items are not valued in the total, but we will accept them as donations for destruction by our Bootleg Patrol.
  • Promotional items with their UPCs hole-punched are not counted in the total. That item was never sold and does not help the industry. It is illegal to sell. We will, however, accept promotional items to give away as convention prizes while we travel.
  • Value Guides

  • Value depends on the title, condition, stock on hand, and current market value.
  • Please keep in mind that we sell our clearance traded-in items at 50% off retail or lower.
  • Quoted store credit amounts are 10% higher than cash payouts .
  • VHS tapes are usually worth $0.10.
  • Current Market Value?

  • Box sets.   Individual volume values are impacted by any box sets currently available or coming soon.
  • Age.   This impacts the demand for a disc (both up and down).
  • Certain series.   InuYasha, Dragonball, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and a few others like them are worth less than most series.

  • Clearance

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