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Promotions and Advertising

Here are the collection of ways to spread the Fast Food Anime love! From placing links on your web sites, forums and MySpaces to printing out your own flyers, we have you covered. You can also enjoy (and freely distribute) the Fast Food Anime radio commercials. Want to contribute? We're looking for your best ideas to boost the buzz about Fast Food Anime!

Banners and Buttons

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Radio Commercials

Radio commercial: Gecko
Written by: John "Pinder" Santellano
Produced and Performed by: Kyle Hebert
Geckos could save you 25% on your anime! Both parts were performed by the talented anime veteran Kyle Hebert (Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball Z). This commercial is especially exciting as it is our first one, and hilarious to boot. Kyle Hebert can be heard on Cartoon Network's Naruto and Bleach, and Fast Food Anime-sponsored Big Bald Broadcast. One ironic factoid is that the commercial was written and produced about a year and a half before it was finally used.
First use: December 2007

Submit your own!

The best thing about the anime industry is contributing to it. We get a thrill every time someone discovers they can get so much more for their money, or we have something they have never seen before. Now you can send us your slogan or fan made materials!

You know those funny sayings we have on our flyers and bookmarks? Want to make your own? Send us your ideas and we'll pick the best ones to be on our flyers! Plus, we'll credit you on the flyers and on the web site.
All submissions become the physical and intellectual property of Fast Food Anime. By sending us your ideas, you acknowledge the forfeiture of your rights to the concept, wording and design. If you are under 18, your legal guardian must submit the entry on your behalf, agreeing to the terms stated here.

Phrase idea:
Your name:
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You can also mail your idea to:
Fast Food Anime
PO Box 114
Yorkville, IL 60560


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