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Trigun Maximum 7: Happy Days


Retail: $9.99
PRICE: $7.99

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Unlike the subtitle of this new installment of Trigun Maximum, our hero, Vash the Stampede isn't exactly exeriencing the happiest of days. Rather, his struggle with his brother-in-destruction, Knives, is escalating to extreme heights. But how did Knives become so angry? Creator Yasuhiro Nightow tells us of the past, and some dark secrets are revealed. Also in this volume, you'll discover not only is Vash not the only one of his kind, but neither is Wolfwood! Trigun Maximum promises not only past history, but future frenzy!

Product Stats
Yasuhiro Nightow Author/Artist
192 Pages
Right-to-Left Reading direction
17+ Age Recommendation
Dark HorseManufacturer

Trigun Maximum 7: Happy Days Manga


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