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Trigun Maximum 3


Retail: $9.99
PRICE: $7.99

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Vash the Stampede carries a big gun, unmatched speed and skill, a seemingly unkillable body, and a rock hard motto..."Peace and Love!" But he may have met his match this time, up against two of the toughest Gung-Ho Guns: the Puppetmaster and Gray the Ninelives. These are two of the most mysterious and hard-to-stop bad guys, and they won't let Vash and his reluctant buddy Wolfwood get away without measurable injury, both mental and physical. Learn more about Vash's history! Capture the crazy gunslinging action of Trigun Maximum!

Product Stats
Yasuhiro Nightow Author/Artist
192 Pages
Right-to-Left Reading direction
16+ Age Recommendation
Dark HorseManufacturer

Trigun Maximum 3 Manga


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