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Gantz 2


Retail: $12.95
PRICE: $10.99

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"If this is hell, it deserves it's reputation."

Having seen the junior alien killed, the large onion alien slaughters the yakuza and others one by one. The area becomes a sea of blood. Kei Kurono happens upon the scene too late and flees in fear, but the large onion alien follows. It looks as though there's no escape. But then Kato uses his body as a shield and ends up getting sliced. Inspired by Kato's selfless bravery, Kurono turns to face to onion alien...

Gantz was a manga before it ever became the popular anime enjoyed worldwide, and Dark Horse is proud to bring you Hiroya Oku's inspired, sexy, and dangerous work of brutal science fiction.

Product Stats
Hiroya Oku Author/Artist
224 Pages
Right-to-Left Reading direction
18+ Age Recommendation
Dark HorseManufacturer

Gantz 2 Manga


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